Standard Cardstock
Rencarnation - Matte - 60% post-consumer waste, 100#. Matte coated 2-sided.

Premium Cardstock 
Ingenuity - Uncoated - 100% recycled 80#.
Uncoated 100%-recycled , FSC-certified content cardstock available in: Desert Storm, Milkweed, Snow.
A 10% upcharge will apply for these Premium cardstocks ($).



All folding items include an envelope with your order. Our standard envelope is available in a soft white color with 30% recycled content. We also offer a handful of colored envelopes and a 100% recycled in a speckled white color for a small additional cost. Envelope printing is available. 

Standard Envelopes
A2: 5 ½ Baronial  (4.625x5.75”; fits a  4.25x5.5” card), pointed flap
A6: 6 Baronial  (4.75x6.5”; fits a 4.625x6.25” card),  pointed flap
A7: Lee  (5.25x7.25 ; fits a 5.125x7” card), square flap


Ribbon ties add the perfect splash of color to any Earth-friendly promotion. We stock ribbon in the following colors: brown, blue, white, green, and red. For a more earthy feel, we recommend and stock a natural hemp twine that can be used to complement many of our products. Some products include a ribbon or one can be added on to many of our items for $.20 (A) per piece.

Ribbon Colors


Any product can be individually cello-wrapped for $0.20 (A) per piece. Multiple pieces cello-wrapped together are charged at $0.30 (A) per piece. Please call to ask about availability of Earth-friendly biodegradable cello bags.


A metal eyelet adds a polished touch to any of our seed paper products. It can also serve as a useful reinforcement on our seed paper tags, that might be subjected to a lot of handling. We stock eyelets in a buffed gold or polished silver colors. Eyelets are $0.20 (A) per item.  Eyelets are not available on all products.    

wafer seal

We stock 1-inch wafer seals in clear and semi-opaque white. Add a wafer seal to stabilize or tab close any product for $0.20 (A) each.   

badge holder

We stock a biodegradable badge holder made from corn based PLA material. Our badge holder will fit our 3x4” PNT and is charged at $0.30 (A) per piece.

letterpress printing

We own and operate several vintage letterpress machines that “stamp,” or deboss, your design into the seed paper. Letterpress can be debossed only, or debossed and printed with up to two colors. This process does not significantly decrease germination rates. Letterpress is a wonderful complement to our colorful and richly-textured seed paper. Custom printing plate charges will apply to the set up cost.



Whether used for greeting cards, social stationery, or promotions, our all-natural seed paper makes its most meaningful impact when planted—the garden it grows can be enjoyed year after year, adding a little more beauty to our world.

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