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Bee Image


Why are the bees dying?

In 2006, Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD) wiped out one-third of all honeybees in the U.S.

Colony Collapes occurs when honey bees collect and bring home toxic pollen from pesticide-covered crops.

Of the 250 bumblebee species found throughout the world, about one-quarter are thought to be facing the risk of extinction.

[Click on the title to read more] 

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Press Release: Bloomin Becomes a BCorp!

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B corp logo

What is a B Corporation?


We are proud to announce that Bloomin has recently joined the B Corp Community! B Corps (or Benefit Corporations) are for-profit companies that have adopted a new type of company structure, to ultimately solve social and environmental problems.


In a nutshell, Benefit Corporations are required to consider the impact of their decisions on shareholders and stakeholders equally. In this way, B Corps actively seek to improve standards for company stakeholders including: workers, suppliers, community, customers and the environment. Additionally, each company hoping to become a B Corp must score at least at least 82 points on a rigorous impact assessment proctored by B Labs in order to become certified. Certified B Corporations meet the highest standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability.


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DistChoiceAward2016 finalist

We are proud to annouce that Bloomin has been nominated as a finalist for the 2016 Distributor Choice Awards in the Party & Holiday Supplies Favor category. Any distributor can vote! Vote for us today through 11/20/2015 by submitting your vote at the following link :

To view all of our Holiday specific products, click here!  Or view our Client Safe Holiday Catalog by clicking the image below!

Holiday Catalog cover



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Tis the season to give thanks and celebrate the holiday season!

pn1 tkg e

Sending Thanksgiving thank you cards to clients is a great marketing tool that also makes you feel good! The act of sending a personalized card shows your clients that you care about them and appreciate their continued business. It also creates an opportunity to start a conversation about holiday orders.

With over 1.5 billion greeting cards sold during the holiday season every year it is clear that holiday cards are a big money maker. However, it is also clear that standard holiday cards create tons of waste. Glossy coatings and foil render greeting cards unrecycleable, meaning that those types of cards will go straight to the landfill. So why not choose eco-friendly paper instead? Stand out with Bloomin 100% recycled, 100% plantable seed paper.


Visit our website to see all of our NEW Thanksgiving Designs to find a design that's right for your next self promo.

(click on article title to read more about our Holiday Stock Design products!...)


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Plantable Pope Posters For All!

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 Today at the national mall in Washington D.C. about 30,000 Bloomin wildflower seed paper posters were passed around for a climate change rally that during the Pope's congressional address. These "One Human Family" Pope posters (seen below) were distributed to numerous activisits to show how the Pope's message aligned with climate change awareness.

 (Click the title to read more) ...

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TEDx Mile High 2

Denver TEDx Has A Lot To Say 

Last weekend's TEDx Mile High "Ideas Unbridled" was a fantastic experience. Speakers included entrepreneurs, scientists, professors, analysts, designers, musicians, and poets and covered topics from the polar vortex weakening to polling the over-all emotional well-being of the country using Twitter data points! 


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This Spring, the University of Colorado spent a few afternoons digging into the notable sustainability efforts Bloomin has helped pioneer in the promotional products industry. This video is a brief outline of the many products and processes that Bloomin developed 22 years ago. With hundreds of thousands of seed paper products sold around the globe each year, Bloomin has been recognized as the originator and true authority on all things seed paper.

Bloomin still makes paper the old fashioned way, one sheet at a time, in the Shadows of the University of Colorado. We are proud of our close ties to the community and appreciate CU taking the time to recognize our efforts to operate at the forefront of environmental sustainability. Go Buffs!


Old Main Summer CC3


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Earth Day is coming up this April 22nd. Get your order in this week to save $28 on a setup fee!  



Check out our cool NEW Earth Day products including: Shapes The Grow, Pocket Gardens, and Earth Day Seed Bombs.



Or, you can go a more traditional route with our great value, Best Sellers! These include: seed paper bookmarks, Earth-related shape packs, and seed paper postcards!







Bloomin makes it easy with our Earth Day The Easy Way stock design series.

EarthDay 2015 CSCheck our Earth Day The Easy Way Client Safe PDF Catalog to see more stock design options!

It's as easy as 1 - 2 - 3

1. Choose your favorite design

2. Send us your logo and PO

3. Let our award-winning graphic designers do the rest!




















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Bloomin Promotions Featured in Advantages Magazine!

Posted by on in Press


We were pleased to see our bookmarks featured in the February issue of Advantages Magazine. We were also excited to see the research presented in the article indicates that the bookmark market is still going strong!


Advantages Feb 2015

“There remains a strong market for bookmarks. Consider that 52% of all American readers read printed books exclusively, a number that dwarfs the mere 4% who read only on electronic devices”


For a complete listing of our bookmarks visit our bookmark product page on our website!

Bookmark blog Earth Day is around the corner! Check out our "Earth Day The Easy Way" products for a quick, easy, inexpensive option for your next eco-friendly Earth Day promotion!


This week we will be at the ASI Dallas show. Come drop by our booth # 1255 to see a full display of our products. Summit-Climbing-Gym-4 medium

Our sales rep, Sofia Cortopassi, will be attending the Explorers Club Event at Summit Climbing Gym as well to showcase some of our fun new Pocket Gardens. Learn more about Bloomin Promotions’ new products and share in our company’s Boulder-based climbing culture by attending this climactic event. We look forward to meeting you there!






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We are thrilled to be nominated as one of PPAI’s Supplier Achievement Competition Finalists! We love our distributors, standing out amongst our competitors, and being able to brag about our fun, unique seed paper! Our Seed Coins are a huge hit and we are happy that everyone enjoys them as much as we do.


PPAI Supplier Achievement Finalist ListSeed Coins

We are also looking forward to the PPAI Expo in Las Vegas, NV January 13-15 2015, be sure to stop by and see us.

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breast cancer awareness NEW shapes

Posted by on in Plantable Seed Paper Promotions

Just when we thought we had every breast cancer awareness shape possible, along comes a new one! This pink seed paper bus is ideal for promoting mobile radiology for mammograms on the go. We've got dozens of pink seed paper shapes for promoting Breast cancer awareness month. Check them out here


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How to Grow, and Sell, Bloomin Seed paper promotions

Posted by on in Video

It's pretty simple to grow Bloomin paper. Check out the video and share with any customers who simply don't believe it. But don't take our word for it, try it yourself. Your testimony is a powerful sales tool. Bloomin' seed paper is the most eco friendly promotion on the planet, and YES, they really do grow!


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flowers Awards-SupplierStarVote-Button-01

Like the flowers that continue to thrive late this summer in Boulder, Bloomin' continues to blossom in the eyes of our customers, as we've just been nominated for the PPAI Star award, woohoo!

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Our new plantable seed coins are all the rage this year. They have won 3 out of the 5 Product Showcases at the 2014 ASI shows.They’re eco-friendly, customizable, and extremely unique promotions. 

They are also so realistic that bystanders will actually pick them up right off the ground in excitement! Made from double-thick seed paper, they are the same size and shape as real U.S. minted coins. Letter-pressing both sides gives the coins a textured and weighty feel to them. Each coin will grow something different for your garden. If you want wildflowers this year, then only plant the pennies. To add to your veggie garden, plant the dimes for carrots & turnips or plant the quarters for a mix of salad greens. Create your own herb garden from the nickels which include a mix of basil, thyme,parsley, chive and oregano seeds.Check them out HERE



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Moneygram offers payment and financial services across 200 countries including India. These fun, festive, earth friendly seed paper matchbooks will be given away to 10's of thousands of customers celebrating Diwali this Autumn. Plantable promotions continue to be an eco friendly solution for many occassions and promotions. Check them out HERE.


diwali matchbook

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Bloomin loves to work with other local companies who share our sustainability values. We had the privilege this month to work with Door to Door Organics, another B Corporation.

Door to Door Organics is Colorado's home, office and co-op delivery service of fresh, organic fruits, vegetables and select groceries. Each week they deliver the freshest organic produce, local grocery items, including coffee, freshly baked artisan breads, nut butters and organic and pastured meats.

Door to Door Organics

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Bloomin featured in PPB Magazine in May

Posted by on in Press



"In Full Bloom"

-May 2014

Read the full article.

Best quote: "Sometimes I feel like a pork belly commodities trader".


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If the month of May doesn't already send you on glorious impromptu bike rides, then these seeded plantable coasters will remind you to jump on! May is 'Bike Month", at least in Tacoma, WA.  The folks at are doing their dandiest to get Tacoma biking to work and to play.  And hey, while you're biking along the road, throw out a couple wet coasters and watch the wildflowers grow on the rest of your summer rides! Need something branded for your company? Check out for all of our promotional items. Sold through distributors.  

bike month.jpg

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Whether used for greeting cards, social stationery, or promotions, our all-natural seed paper makes its most meaningful impact when planted—the garden it grows can be enjoyed year after year, adding a little more beauty to our world.

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