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    Case Study for Katherine Homes:

    End User:

    Katherine Homes SPEAK album release.

    kh frontkh back


    This recording artist wanted to change the way musicians market themselves and sell CD’s. She wanted to bring awareness of the affects CD sales had on the environment, filling up the landfills, and show an alternative way to sell music. Instead of handing out and selling promotional CD’s at her concerts (fans don’t want to hold on to them all night), she was able to hand out these smart, dual purpose music download coasters for fans to upload to the music platform of their choice (Spotify, iTunes, Pandora, etc.). No scratched cd’s no plastic jewel cases, just an eco-friendly gift delivering the music and the gift of flowers.

    Strategy & Execution:

    To help make her objectives a success, she was recommended to use a Seed Paper Coaster by Bloomin Promotions. Bloomin was the obvious choice, considering their ability to print variable data codes on seed paper, and for their reputation as the worldwide leader in all things seed paper and sustainable products.

     “…In order to keep plastic out of the landfill- and to eliminate the resources and energy it takes to recycle a CD- I wanted to create something more environmentally friendly. I grabbed my web developer friend, Karan Gill, and seed paper experts, Bloomin Promotions, to turn my idea into a tangible product.”


    After successfully selling her initial test run of 250, not even a month later she ordered more. Because of the success and positive feedback she received from her fans, she came back and ordered seed paper tags for a festival. It just goes to show that caring for the environment creates a long-lasting relationship and it helps to think outside the box and find sustainable items that reach your target market.

    Seed Paper Product:

           Product Description: This 4" square "coaster" with rounded edges is a fun, Earth-friendly format for your message. Use as a coaster, postcard, or more. Your 4-color, custom message is printed on the seed paper with Earth-friendly inks that won't damage the seeds. The seed paper is made by hand from 100%-recycled material and embedded with a hardy mixture of wildflower seeds. Just plant, water and enjoy your wildflowers! Coasters are available in a range of sizes for any custom project.

    Some of the features she loved about the four-inch square was the large imprint area. The product included non-GMO seeds, the paper is made from post-consumer recycled materials, and everything is biodegradable. When the biodegradable paper composts away, recipients are left with an abundance of beautiful flowers to enjoy. This product is a fantastic way to create buzz and show your commitment to remaining tree-free and eco-friendly.


    Using the Seed Paper Coaster from Bloomin Promotions was a natural fit to support Katherine’s goal of sustainability and clearing the landfills. “It will be a great day when the exchange between an artist and their fans isn’t cash for music and plastic; it’s cash for music and seeds.”



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    End User:


    pspin rei


    To encourage families, friends, animals, and people everywhere to spend time outside. “REI is committed to helping people tap into the joy, renewal and connection that comes from spending time outside with friends and family. This year [2016], we are again closing our doors on Black Friday and paying our 12,000+ employees to spend time outdoors.”

    Strategy & Execution:

    “This year, REI will shut down on both Thanksgiving and Black Friday because fundamentally we believe that being outside makes us our best selves – healthier and happier, physically and mentally. But as a nation we’re still spending over 90 percent of our lives indoors and it’s a trend we need to tackle,” said REI CEO Jerry Stritzke. “I love that there is a community of people in this country who dedicate their lives to that mission, so together, we are asking America “Will you go out with us?”

                One of Bloomin’s valued distributor partners thought that seed paper would be the perfect match. With the theme of wildlife, outdoors, and nature; seed paper was the perfect giveaway to invite people to be outside. Bloomin’s seed paper is 100% recycled, with vegetable based inks, and biodegradable. It is zero waste, tree free, and encourages people to be outside and grow a garden of wildflowers.


      REI purchased a total of 18,000 Seed Paper Pins to be worn by all employees. They were thrilled with the results and saw an increase in engagement and widespread awareness all across America.

    • Outdoor co-op shut all 149 of REI doors on Black Friday, processed no online sales and paid all 12,287 employees to take the day off and head outside instead.
    • The year 2016, more than 275 national and local organizations formed a movement to invite millions of people to participate.
    • REI has united with more than 275 non-profit, government, and corporate partners to inspire millions of people to hit the trails, parks, and waterways.
    • A new outdoor activity was launched at to help people reconnect with family and friends this holiday season and declare support.
    • The response was overwhelmingly positive. More than 1.4 million people and 170 organizations chose to #OptOutside.
    • REI and Subaru partnered together to give New Yorker pet owners and shelter dogs a day in Bear Mountain State Park to be outside. Subaru made a donation to the ASPCA (shelter for dogs) for every photo that dog lovers posted of their outdoor adventure; Over 40,000 people posted a picture!
    • Great articles on success and continuing support are here and here.


    Seed Paper Product:

                 PSPIN Description: An eco-twist on a classic pin, this fully plantable version will complement your green message at your next event. Just send your design and we'll print them directly on the seed paper. The seed paper is made by hand from 100%-recycled material and embedded with a hardy mixture of wildflower seeds. Plant, water and enjoy! Comes with pin glued to the back.

    The Seed Paper Pin was a unique, eco-friendly, and sustainable way to connect with clients and customers to get their vision across.

    Bloomin Promotions completed 18,000 Seed Paper Pins with two different versions and 153 drop ship locations in twelve business days. Bloomin made the paper, printed, die-cut, assembled, and shipped in under three weeks to help get the word out as fast as they could.






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    Petco Case Study:

    End User:


    petco frontpetco back


                Petco needed an original and eye-catching thank you item as a hand out for those that participated in and supported one of their programs to help cats. They looked for a gift that would produce something special to animals and their animal lovers.

    Strategy & Execution:

    With the idea of a special treat and originality in mind, one of Bloomin’s valued distributors came up with a custom shape and custom seed mix to use in seeded paper. They created the custom Petco Pot with Catnip seeds embedded in the seed paper shape.


                The customers loved the cute pot shape with catnip seeds. They went home and grew it for their furry friends and were thrilled with the results. You can read one blogger HERE that was pleasantly surprised with how much grew.

    “WARNING: The catnip grown from this card may cause total cat euphoria. Symptoms include loud purrs, blissful sniffing, and a general look of love.”

    For this event in 2012, Petco ordered a total of 50,000. One year later, they ordered another 37,500 for another event; three months later they ordered 30,000 more; and a week from that they ordered 37,500 more. It is safe to say this was a tremendous success.

    Seed Paper Product:

                        Product Description: Grow your business with a green message! Your full-color, custom message is printed on this fun seed paper shape with Earth-friendly inks that won't damage the seeds. Our seed paper is made by hand from 100%-recycled material and embedded with a hardy mixture of seeds. Just plant the entire postcard shape, water and enjoy!

                Some of the features they loved about this seed paper shape included; the ability to customize the shape, the option to choose a custom seed mix that fit their campaign theme, and being able to utilize a CMYK print process on both sides of the product. The team at Bloomin worked hard to create and deliver 50,000 custom shapes, printed on 2-sides, with custom seeds, in just over six weeks.








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    Tis the season to give thanks and celebrate the holiday season!

    pn1 tkg e

    Sending Thanksgiving thank you cards to clients is a great marketing tool that also makes you feel good! The act of sending a personalized card shows your clients that you care about them and appreciate their continued business. It also creates an opportunity to start a conversation about holiday orders.

    With over 1.5 billion greeting cards sold during the holiday season every year it is clear that holiday cards are a big money maker. However, it is also clear that standard holiday cards create tons of waste. Glossy coatings and foil render greeting cards unrecycleable, meaning that those types of cards will go straight to the landfill. So why not choose eco-friendly paper instead? Stand out with Bloomin 100% recycled, 100% plantable seed paper.


    Visit our website to see all of our NEW Thanksgiving Designs to find a design that's right for your next self promo.

    (click on article title to read more about our Holiday Stock Design products!...)


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    Earth Day is coming up this April 22nd. Get your order in this week to save $28 on a setup fee!  



    Check out our cool NEW Earth Day products including: Shapes The Grow, Pocket Gardens, and Earth Day Seed Bombs.



    Or, you can go a more traditional route with our great value, Best Sellers! These include: seed paper bookmarks, Earth-related shape packs, and seed paper postcards!







    Bloomin makes it easy with our Earth Day The Easy Way stock design series.

    EarthDay 2015 CSCheck our Earth Day The Easy Way Client Safe PDF Catalog to see more stock design options!

    It's as easy as 1 - 2 - 3

    1. Choose your favorite design

    2. Send us your logo and PO

    3. Let our award-winning graphic designers do the rest!




















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    Bloomin was chosen as the official manufacturer of seed paper for Universal's latest blockbuster, Dr. Seuss' The Lorax! We helped produce 3 million bookmarks adorned with seed paper in the shape of a Truffula Tree. In order to stay consistent with the movie's message, we made a special, custom seed mix for this project, and used white spruce seeds in place of our typical wildflower mix.

    The Lorax is a Dr. Seuss children's classic with an environmental theme. The Lorax "speaks for the trees because the trees have no tongues." Before long, the greedy Onceler ventures into the land filled with Truffula Trees and begins chopping them all down in order to make and sell "Thneeds", something that EVERYONE needs. The story goes on to share messages of industrialism, pollution, and greed, all of which are important to note in this day and age, especially with our children.

    We were so excited to be a part of this project, and we even more excited to see our bookmark on an IHOP commercial during prime time television.

    The bookmark also made it into the re-release of the original production of The Lorax DVD! This animated version was produced specifically for television back in 1972. Make sure to get your copy of this classic, exclusively at Target!

    Just remember that we all can make a difference when it comes to global warming and protecting our planet. To quote The Lorax, "Unless someone like you...cares a whole awful lot...nothing is going to get better...It's not."

    Hope you enjoy the movie, and happy planting!




    And there it is! Now that's a pretty snazzy bookmark
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    Here is another rough iphone video from Tom at Bloomin' Flower Cards. Our seed paper garden has been in full bloom for six to eight weeks I think. It started out a little slow. I was concerned that we had waited a little too long. Why is it the folks in "the" business often don't get done themselves what we do for others all year long.


    For example, I spent a few hours in the evenings before Christmas, cramming in Adobe Creative suite on my own family Christmas cards, and I never did print, die cut and send them out. I put so much work into them I finally had to at least post them on my facebook page, for what ever that was worth. My sub point is that I did my best to help hundreds of others get their holiday cards out and failed getting my own out.

    Anyway, my main point is that we shipped hundreds of thousands of seed paper products out to our customers before the end of May so everyone could take advantage of the beginning of the planting season and I neglected to get our own garden in early. Whew, that was a mouthful. Well as it turned out we didn't miss a thing. We have a great late summer garden that I think will be looking good for another month or more.

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    Steve Porsborg, our seed paper making facility guru (i.e. manager) is pictured here holding a sheet of plantable seed paper utilizing our newest process for manufacturing flat 4-color process printable paper. We can now print 4-color on most custom seed mixes (small seeds only of course)! Making nice, flat seed paper sheets with high germination rates is what we continue to do best. Still made from 100% recycled paper and flat enough to go through our inkjet printers, our seed papers continues to be the greenest and growin'est.

    You asked for it, and now we've got it! Small batch 4-color print runs on custom seed papers (including parsley, chives, basil, grass, carrots, lettuce, and more) are now available! Of course we can always letterpress print on any of our papers with 1 or 2 colors for that old world debossed look.

    We continue to find new and better ways of doing things! Innovation is alive and well at Bloomin' and remains the secret to our 16 years of growth.


    Our NEWEST Printable Seed Paper
    Our NEWEST Printable Seed Paper
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    TEDx Mile High 2

    Denver TEDx Has A Lot To Say 

    Last weekend's TEDx Mile High "Ideas Unbridled" was a fantastic experience. Speakers included entrepreneurs, scientists, professors, analysts, designers, musicians, and poets and covered topics from the polar vortex weakening to polling the over-all emotional well-being of the country using Twitter data points! 


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    This Spring, the University of Colorado spent a few afternoons digging into the notable sustainability efforts Bloomin has helped pioneer in the promotional products industry. This video is a brief outline of the many products and processes that Bloomin developed 22 years ago. With hundreds of thousands of seed paper products sold around the globe each year, Bloomin has been recognized as the originator and true authority on all things seed paper.

    Bloomin still makes paper the old fashioned way, one sheet at a time, in the Shadows of the University of Colorado. We are proud of our close ties to the community and appreciate CU taking the time to recognize our efforts to operate at the forefront of environmental sustainability. Go Buffs!


    Old Main Summer CC3


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    We have all heard about the declining bee populations, and the dramatic impact it will  have the on world’s food supply.

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    Ask me what makes our company great, and I'll tell you its the people who work there. Our current team of All Star Rock Stars is constantly striving to build a better company for our valued customers every day. Be it back in the die cutting department, paper making, printing, accounting, assembly, shipping, customer service, sales, or the art department, we all are working hard to make Bloomin' the best it can be. It's the people that work there that make it so fun and exciting to come to work everyday. It is inspiring to see the diverse backgrounds and interests that make up our complex, yet ever so simple company fabric.


    I am a big fan of Malcolm Gladwell books. Having read the Tipping point and Blink, I was excited to find his latest release "Outliers" traveling back from one of my recent promotional products trade shows. He delivers many insightful accounts, including one of the Chinese rice farmers of the 15th century. He describes their work as particularly meaningful and entrepreneurial. "They weren't just planting in the spring and harvesting in the fall, they autonomously ran their own small businesses - renting the best land they could find, juggling the family workforce, hedging uncertainty with hearty seed selection, building and maintaining sophisticated irrigation systems, and coordinating the complicated process of harvesting the first crop while simultaneously preparing the next". Sounds a lot like the challenges and rewards we face at Bloomin!

    In Outliers, Gladwell talks about how today's very best hockey and soccer players are people who are not only talented and work hard but they also benefit from weird and peculiar ways in which their world is organized. I am certain the Outlier phenomenon occurs within many of our own key people, and has been instrumental in our ability to pen our own "Story of Success". A good read, as are all of his books. 





    Don Martin


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    Here is Tia and Naomi, my two 7 year olds enjoying a wintry Sunday morning. We broke a weather record the experts say, I believe it, brrrrrrrrrrrr. Is it because of climate change? I suspect so but I sure hope not. Anyway, I hope these two beauties will brighten your day, they brighten my day everyday. Our kids are the best thing that ever happened to us. It is so much fun looking at the world through their bright eyes. If you have kids, you know what I am talking about huh, if not, I'm sure you have plenty of other great things you enjoy. I hope it gets back up in the 70's soon, I'm not done with fall yet.


    - Tom Noyes

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    B corp logo

    What is a B Corporation?


    We are proud to announce that Bloomin has recently joined the B Corp Community! B Corps (or Benefit Corporations) are for-profit companies that have adopted a new type of company structure, to ultimately solve social and environmental problems.


    In a nutshell, Benefit Corporations are required to consider the impact of their decisions on shareholders and stakeholders equally. In this way, B Corps actively seek to improve standards for company stakeholders including: workers, suppliers, community, customers and the environment. Additionally, each company hoping to become a B Corp must score at least at least 82 points on a rigorous impact assessment proctored by B Labs in order to become certified. Certified B Corporations meet the highest standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability.


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    DistChoiceAward2016 finalist

    We are proud to annouce that Bloomin has been nominated as a finalist for the 2016 Distributor Choice Awards in the Party & Holiday Supplies Favor category. Any distributor can vote! Vote for us today through 11/20/2015 by submitting your vote at the following link :

    To view all of our Holiday specific products, click here!  Or view our Client Safe Holiday Catalog by clicking the image below!

    Holiday Catalog cover



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     Today at the national mall in Washington D.C. about 30,000 Bloomin wildflower seed paper posters were passed around for a climate change rally that during the Pope's congressional address. These "One Human Family" Pope posters (seen below) were distributed to numerous activisits to show how the Pope's message aligned with climate change awareness.

     (Click the title to read more) ...

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    We were pleased to see our bookmarks featured in the February issue of Advantages Magazine. We were also excited to see the research presented in the article indicates that the bookmark market is still going strong!


    Advantages Feb 2015

    “There remains a strong market for bookmarks. Consider that 52% of all American readers read printed books exclusively, a number that dwarfs the mere 4% who read only on electronic devices”


    For a complete listing of our bookmarks visit our bookmark product page on our website!

    Bookmark blog Earth Day is around the corner! Check out our "Earth Day The Easy Way" products for a quick, easy, inexpensive option for your next eco-friendly Earth Day promotion!


    This week we will be at the ASI Dallas show. Come drop by our booth # 1255 to see a full display of our products. Summit-Climbing-Gym-4 medium

    Our sales rep, Sofia Cortopassi, will be attending the Explorers Club Event at Summit Climbing Gym as well to showcase some of our fun new Pocket Gardens. Learn more about Bloomin Promotions’ new products and share in our company’s Boulder-based climbing culture by attending this climactic event. We look forward to meeting you there!






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    201406 PPBCOVER FINAL 240

    "In Full Bloom"

    -May 2014

    Read the full article.

    Best quote: "Sometimes I feel like a pork belly commodities trader".


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Recent posts from this category

Recent posts from this category


Whether used for greeting cards, social stationery, or promotions, our all-natural seed paper makes its most meaningful impact when planted—the garden it grows can be enjoyed year after year, adding a little more beauty to our world.

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