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TEDx Mile High 2

Denver TEDx Has A Lot To Say 

Last weekend's TEDx Mile High "Ideas Unbridled" was a fantastic experience. Speakers included entrepreneurs, scientists, professors, analysts, designers, musicians, and poets and covered topics from the polar vortex weakening to polling the over-all emotional well-being of the country using Twitter data points! 


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This Spring, the University of Colorado spent a few afternoons digging into the notable sustainability efforts Bloomin has helped pioneer in the promotional products industry. This video is a brief outline of the many products and processes that Bloomin developed 22 years ago. With hundreds of thousands of seed paper products sold around the globe each year, Bloomin has been recognized as the originator and true authority on all things seed paper.

Bloomin still makes paper the old fashioned way, one sheet at a time, in the Shadows of the University of Colorado. We are proud of our close ties to the community and appreciate CU taking the time to recognize our efforts to operate at the forefront of environmental sustainability. Go Buffs!


Old Main Summer CC3


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Can Seed Paper help Save the Bees?

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We have all heard about the declining bee populations, and the dramatic impact it will  have the on world’s food supply.

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A Word from the Bloomin' President

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Ask me what makes our company great, and I'll tell you its the people who work there. Our current team of All Star Rock Stars is constantly striving to build a better company for our valued customers every day. Be it back in the die cutting department, paper making, printing, accounting, assembly, shipping, customer service, sales, or the art department, we all are working hard to make Bloomin' the best it can be. It's the people that work there that make it so fun and exciting to come to work everyday. It is inspiring to see the diverse backgrounds and interests that make up our complex, yet ever so simple company fabric.


I am a big fan of Malcolm Gladwell books. Having read the Tipping point and Blink, I was excited to find his latest release "Outliers" traveling back from one of my recent promotional products trade shows. He delivers many insightful accounts, including one of the Chinese rice farmers of the 15th century. He describes their work as particularly meaningful and entrepreneurial. "They weren't just planting in the spring and harvesting in the fall, they autonomously ran their own small businesses - renting the best land they could find, juggling the family workforce, hedging uncertainty with hearty seed selection, building and maintaining sophisticated irrigation systems, and coordinating the complicated process of harvesting the first crop while simultaneously preparing the next". Sounds a lot like the challenges and rewards we face at Bloomin!

In Outliers, Gladwell talks about how today's very best hockey and soccer players are people who are not only talented and work hard but they also benefit from weird and peculiar ways in which their world is organized. I am certain the Outlier phenomenon occurs within many of our own key people, and has been instrumental in our ability to pen our own "Story of Success". A good read, as are all of his books. 





Don Martin


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Winter in October: a cold weekend in Boulder

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Here is Tia and Naomi, my two 7 year olds enjoying a wintry Sunday morning. We broke a weather record the experts say, I believe it, brrrrrrrrrrrr. Is it because of climate change? I suspect so but I sure hope not. Anyway, I hope these two beauties will brighten your day, they brighten my day everyday. Our kids are the best thing that ever happened to us. It is so much fun looking at the world through their bright eyes. If you have kids, you know what I am talking about huh, if not, I'm sure you have plenty of other great things you enjoy. I hope it gets back up in the 70's soon, I'm not done with fall yet.


- Tom Noyes

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Excellent Reviews From a Happy Customer

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It's always such a pleasure to receive praise from a happy, satisfied customer. Since we're in the business to please our customers with our amazing plantable seed paper products—receiving such praise is nothing short of elation.

Upon receiving their business cards printed directly onto our handmade seed paper, they immediately planted the card and watched with admiration as the paper started sprouting after a few short days. We're so pleased with their satisfaction and would like to say thank you for your business!

Take a look at the pic they sent us.


Photo taken by A Wild Lens Photography ©

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Whether used for greeting cards, social stationery, or promotions, our all-natural seed paper makes its most meaningful impact when planted—the garden it grows can be enjoyed year after year, adding a little more beauty to our world.

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