our history

Germinating in a Boulder, Colorado backyard in 1995, Bloomin has since blossomed into the worldwide authority on seed paper products. Although the great idea of paper embedded with seeds has been around for centuries, Bloomin pioneered its use as a marketable consumer product that would actually grow. Hundreds of products later, we continue to innovate new applications for our unique, Earth-friendly seed paper. People around the globe find these to be among the most personal and inspiring promotions available.

green is as green does
Bloomin has always operated at the forefront of environmental consciousness. Today, people choose our products to communicate their own green initiatives. The most Earth-friendly marketing medium available, our seed paper is made from 100% post-industrial, recycled paper and dyed with all-natural, vegetable-based pigments. Our products are printed with water- and soy-based inks and our packaging is primarily corn-based. Our production facilities are sustainable, too. We recently installed a 30kW solar power system, so we are now powered by the same sun that makes our products grow!

our team
As proud as we are of our history and best practices, it is our people that set us apart. Our valued employees have high standards for quality and customer service, and display a personal responsibility in getting your order done right and on time. Over the years, Bloomin has employed differently-abled members of our community. We are proud of our association with Community Link, a local company that actively supports the integration of these individuals into a progressive work environment.
Our president has served on the Board of Directors for Community Link for the past nine years. It is their mission “to actively support the inclusion of people with disabilities within our community.” Bloomin was also awarded “Employer of the Year” by The Association of Community Living. We are proud of our relationship with these organizations and the diverse community that Boulder, Colorado represents.