Greetings seed paper enthusiasts! You have landed on the Bloomin Promotions sheets and shapes webpage. All of the shapes pictured below can be used on hundreds of our “integrated” seed paper promotional products. As the original manufacturer of seed paper shapes, we have more colors, shapes, and seed mix options than anyone on the planet.

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seed paper colors

We stock 21 colors of our seed paper in 8.5” x 11” sheets, plus white, embedded with a wildflower mix. Our paper is made by hand in small batches and the color can vary slightly from batch to batch. Other seed mixes and sheet sizes are available. We can letterpress your design on our handmade paper and also offer a smoother version (white only) that is inkjet-printable. Click on the image below to see seed paper swatches.

Seed Paper Colors

In addition to our stock seed paper, we offer the finest printable seed papers available, refined through experimentation in recipes and processes. This paper has a special seed mix that creates a smoother surface for printing. Our Signature printable seed paper is 130 GSM (grams per square meter) and suitable for inkjet or offset printing. Our Premium printable seed paper is sturdier and ideal for certain applications. It measures closer to 200 GSM and is comparable to a 110# cover stock or 20-pt. board. Although variations in thickness will always occur, this paper works particularly well for our seed paper postcards and other direct mail promotions.

seed paper shapes
$ and $$ indicate shapes with a premium upcharge. Download a PDF of all of our shapes here or click on a category below to view:

Animals | Earth/Eco | Flowers | Food & Drink | Gardening | Geometric | Hearts | Holidays & Events
Leaves & Trees | People & Clothing | States | Symbols & Words | Transportation | Work & Home

seed paper value shapes 
butterfly 4 applecarrotvasestar 1heart 1heart 3
flower 8leaf: clover
leaf: willow

seed paper animal shapes
polar beardonkeydove 1dove 2turtle
fishstarfishpigladybugladybug letterpressed
beebutterfly 1butterfly 2butterfly 3butterfly 4butterfly 5

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seed paper earth/eco/alternative energy shapes
earth 3earth heartrecycle symbol
lightbulb 1lightbulb 2lightbulb 3turbine 1turbine 2
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seed paper flower shapes
flower 1flower 1 letterpressedflower 2flower 3flower 4flower 5flower 6flower 6 letterpressed
flower 7flower 8flower 9flower 10flower 11
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seed paper food & drink shapes
oliveapplecheesecarrotdroplet: waterleaf: basil
bottle 1bottle 1 printedbottle 2bottle 2 printedbottle 3
chef's hat

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seed paper gardening shapes
pot 1pot 2dropletshovel 1shovel 2
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seed paper geometric shapes
star 1star 2star 3triangleovalboomerangcone
shield 1shield 2cupsemicirclediamondkitearrowhead
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seed paper heart shapes
heart 1heart 2heart 3heart 4heart 5

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seed paper holidays & events shapes
tree 5tree 2tree 1ornamentcandlecandle printedsnowman 1snowman 2
star 1star 2star 3snowflake 1snowflake 2snowflake 3
stocking 2stocking 1mittencandy cane letterpressedgingerbread man letterpressedbelldove 1
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seed paper leaves & trees shapes
leaf: birchleaf: aspen 1leaf: aspen 2leaf: oak 1leaf: oak 2leaf: large 1leaf: large 2
leaf: maple 1leaf: maple 2leaf: maple 3leaf: basilleaf: magnolialeaf: willowleaf: beech
leaf: ginkgoleaf: cloverleaf: cut
tree 1tree 2tree 3tree 4tree 5tree 6

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seed paper people & clothing shapes
mittenT-shirthard hat
handbootstocking 1
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seed paper states shapes
californiafloridatexaswest virginia

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seed paper symbols & words shapes
dollar signpound signcrossampersandrecycle symbolA+droplet: blood
ribbon 1ribbon 2ribbon 3talk bubble
life letterpressed
change letterpressed

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seed paper transportation shapes
car 1car 2car 3
car 4car 5car 6truck

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seed paper work & home shapes
house 1house 2house 3keychair letterpressed
hard hatcomputercomputer letterpressedvase
lightbulb 1paintbrushplay button
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