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Wildflower Mix
Available colors: All 22 colors
Baby Blue Eyes, Black-Eyed Susan, Candytuft, Catchfly, Corn Poppy, English Daisy, Five Spot, Gloriosa Daisy, Scarlet Flax, Siberian Wallflower, Sweet William Pinks, Tall Spurred Snapdragon, Zinnia

Hope Mix (pink wildflowers)
Available color: Pink (great for Breast Cancer Awareness)
Baby’s Breath, California Poppy, Carmine, Carmine King, Catchfly, Cornflower Pink Ball, Sweet William Pinks

Herb Mix
Available colors: White, Sage, Forest
Basil, Chives, Parsley

Evergreen Tree Mix (20% upcharge)
Available color: Forest
Black Pine, Blue Spruce, White Pine

Carrot: Orange, Chili Pepper: Lime, Lettuce Mix: Sage, Tomato: Cranberry

Print Paper Options

Premium Wildflower
Available color: White
Black-Eyed Susan, Catchfly, Corn Poppy, Dwarf Godetia, English Daisy, Forget-Me-Not, Lemon Mint, Maiden Pinks, Spurred Snapdragon, Sweet Alyssum

Premium Herb
Available color: White
Basil, Chives, Parsley

Available color: White
Black-Eyed Susan, Catchfly, Corn Poppy, English Daisy, Spurred Snapdragon, Sweet Alyssum

Economy (low germination rate)
Available color: White
Black-Eyed Susan, Catchfly, Corn Poppy, English Daisy, Spurred Snapdragon, Sweet Alyssum


Custom Seed Options 

Custom batch starts at additional $63 (G) fee
Not all seeds are suitable for printable seed paper.
Other seed options are available to make your custom mix; call or email for pricing and details.


Single Seed Options

Aster | Baby Blue Eyes | Black-Eyed Susan | California Poppy | Catchfly | Chinese Aster | Columbine | Coreopsis | Corn Poppy | Cornflower | Dianthus | Delphinium | Dwarf California Poppy | Dwarf Godetia | English Daisy | Forget-Me-Not | Lasthenia Glabrata | Leavenworthii | Lemon Mint | Limonium | Pansy | Red Corn Poppy | Snapdragon | Sunflower | Sweet Alyssum | Violet

Basil | Catnip | Chamomile | Chives | Coneflower (Echinacea) | Coriander | Dill | Lavender | Oregano | Parsley | Sage | Thyme

Arugula | Bib Lettuce | Bok Choy | Broccoli | Carrot | Cherry Tomato | Chili Pepper | Endive | Kale | Lettuce | Radicchio | Red Lettuce | Spinach | Tomato | Turnip

Trees (20% upcharge)
Black Spruce | Blue Spruce | White Pine

Clover | Festus | Kentucky Blue | Prairie

Seed Mix Options

Pollinator Mix
Baby Blue-Eyes, Bergamot, Blue Flax, California Poppy, China Aster, Chinese Forget-Me-Not, Corn Poppy, Fleabane Daisy, Forget-Me-Not, Globe Gilia, Indian Blanket, Lance-Leaved Coreopsis, Lavender Hyssop, New England Aster, Plains Coreopsis, Purple Coneflower, Siberian Wallflower, Sweet Alyssum, Tidy-Tips, White Rockcress

Colorado Native Mix
Black-Eyed Susan, Blanketflower, Blue Columbine, Dotted Fleabane Daisy, Gayfeather, Greenthread, Indian Blanket, Lewis Flax, Mountain Lupine, Narrow Leaf, Purple Coneflower

California Native Mix
California Bluebell, California Poppy, Chinese House, Five Spot, TidyTips

Drought-Tolerant Mix
African Daisy, Annual Baby’s Breath, Blanketflower, Blue Flax, California Bluebell, California Poppy, Cornflower, Corn Poppy, Indian Blanket, Plains Coreopsis, Prairie Coneflower

Evergreen Tree Mix (20% upcharge)
Black Pine, Blue Spruce, White Pine

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